* SAFETY Because Culver City is perched beside the largest urban oil field in the country it is our duty to be active environmental stewards who set the stage and the agenda not just for communities here in Southern California but around the country. We must insure the health of our residents by tirelessly working to maintain the safety of our water supply, the breathability of our air, and the richness of our soil.

* CLEAN ENERGY CHOICES Culver City has currently signed on to participate in a feasibility study for the South Bay Community Choice Aggregation that is currently funded by the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors. If the results of the study mirror those of recently, Culver City studies residents will have the option to obtain 50% or 100% of their energy from renewable sources rather than the conventional fossil fuel sources provided by Southern California Edison. Culver City, as a Southern California Edison subscriber, would also have the option to become a 50% clean renewable city or have the city go 100% renewable.

* A PLAN FOR THE FUTURE Not only is Culver City in dire need of a new city plan but for an overall Sustainability plan that will allow the city to both prepare for the future and the unpredictable consequences of climate change but a new Sustainability plan will also make the city eligible to apply for cap and trade funds that will insure that our communities have funding for programs that will increase our climate resiliency. Gray water systems, expanded government renewables and upgraded infrastructure are all integral parts of a long term vision for a sustainable future.



* ALL OF US Culver City has great schools, great parks and cultural institutions and a great sense of community involvement and support. But there are steps we can take to improve our community and deepen the connections that already exist. In order for Culver City to continue to be the safe and welcoming city we love, we must make efforts guarantee that all usfamilies that have been here for generations, college students from Antioch University West LA College, UCLA, LMU and other surrounding schools, our vibrant ethnic and religious communities and our newer families and young children are afforded the opportunity to fully participate, celebrate and thrive within our citys culture and government. I look forward to the day when our elected officials are visibly more representative of those they serve.

* ROVING TOWN HALLS One of the ways in which we can be more inclusive is to find ways to take Culver City Beyond City Hall. There are neighborhood and community groups throughout the city if we held community forums in these neighborhoods the city government would have a better idea of what is going on in these communities and better mechanisms to be more responsive to the concerns of all of the cities citizens. Instead of only holding public comment periods at city hall we can use community venues in different parts of the city each quarter. These community town halls can be sued to address both things that are officially on the city council agendas and as forums for issues that lie outside of the official agenda.



Source: AJ + Videos

* CONSISTENCY As our city evolves it is increasingly made up of not just homeowners but renters as well. Many of these renters are students who attend Antioch University, West LA College, USC, UCLA, LMU, SMC and many of the other institutions of higher learning in our area. However, others are made up of families that have the same deep roots in Culver City as many of its homeowners. As our city develops (responsibly) we must make every effort to assure that these longtime residents are protected from rents that rise too rapidly and force them to leave our city where their families have deep, sometimes generational roots.

* TAKING CARE OF OUR OWN Many of our Culver City municipal employees cannot afford to live in the city in which they work. We must work to keep the wages that we pay competitive by auditing our yearly budgets to insure that funds are being spent wisely while also providing avenues and incentives so our municipal employees, police and firefighters are encouraged to call the place where they work home.

* A PLAN FOR THOSE LESS FORTUNATE As the housing crisis that has gripped Los Angeles County for over a decade continues Culver City must have active plans in place both to provide services for the unhoused among us but also to prevent the individuals and families at the lower end of the spectrum from becoming homeless themselves.